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Z-VIP Spotlight For 2006
Like some dancers, clubs can also have that hard to explain X-factor or ambiance that makes it special. Sometimes it takes more than a subjective review to explain why some people are in love with a club. So this is the place to let everyone know about that great place that desires to expose itself to the public.

Ultimate Lap Pricing

August 16, 2006

VIP lap dance area
Lap area for VIP dances with comfortable couch, Lights were turned up for photo.

Photo by Saxbeat

Ultimate 10 (read full review) is offering some crazy aggressively competitive lap dance pricing for the month of August.

Check this out:
$12 topless
(normally $20, save $8)
$26 nude
(normally $40, save $14)
$75 VIP
(normally $120, save $45!! Damn!  Is this right?!)

These prices are for Fridays (yes, that's not a typo) and Sundays for the month of August.  Personally, I'd get the $12 topless to get some info, then move up to the VIP to save the big bucks.  No way you can beat these prices and you know it's not going to last so get it before they figure out they screwed up their prices.


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