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The Zebra Lounge - Amsterdam

August 28, 2002
By Justin Petersen, American at large

The newly created Zebra Lounge snuggled in the heart of the crazy Amsterdam night life is an oasis for the American or traveler alike. Traditionally a city of the quick $50 BJ, the classy Zebra draws it's roots from the time honored tradition of strip clubs located in the U.S. Since it's opening 3 months ago, business has been good. Indeed, this author has frequented the club since I was first introduced to the owner by a mutual friend.

"Adult zoning laws are quite difficult here in the Netherlands," owner Andy Martin explains. It's been a bit of a battle for him. "The authorities have trouble differentiating between blatant sexual based businesses and what is essentially a bikini bar." Located just feet from the bustling Leidseplein square, the Zebra Lounge is outside the structured "Red Light District". The club typically charges $25 at the door. "It's more of a screening policy than an attempt to make a profit." The expat Brit Andy explains further. "This is more of a social club than anything else. The regular customers never pay at the door."

The club is small by America standards. Factually, most clubs in Amsterdam are small. But oddly enough the club has a nice feel to it. In a town full of arrogant Dutch girls, who think they are the most beautiful things on the planet, it's nice to have a friendly chat and a glass of champagne with one of the clubs' dancers. Most of the talent is Dutch, and the Dutch do have a certain look. Nonetheless, Holland is a diverse society and it's not odd to meet a sexy dark skinned beauty like Ingelina.  Raised here in Amsterdam, this fine 18 year old dancer has never experienced life outside of this bubble.

It should be known that lap dances are not part of the routine at the Zebra. Nevertheless, you'll have no trouble getting a lady to join you on your lap. The girls are most friendly...

And lest I forget Ineke. One of the clubs' newest talents, Ineke is a stunning example of a petite Dutch beauty. At the tender age of 18, this blondie could easily grace the pages of Penthouse or Playboy.

From the looks of it, the girls make what typical dancers do. Actually, they seem to do well considering the fact they don't take their clothes off. The money is mostly made from the commission they receive from champagne sales. Fair enough, it's a time honored practice. $150 for a bottle of Moet. It should be known that lap dances are not part of the routine at the Zebra. Nevertheless, you'll have no trouble getting a lady to join you on your lap. The girls are most friendly.

Mr. Martin is still working out the bugs and fighting city hall. This is a new concept for the Dutch government. Shortly after opening he was ordered to take down the curtains on the private booths as well as some other adjustments, lighting etc.. It's clear to see that Andy put a sizable investment in to this establishment. Zebra skinned booths and chairs adorn the club. Nothing spared on hi-tech lighting and a beefy sound system either.

The girls start their routine at the end of the 50 foot bar, then make their way towards a round stage that extends from the middle of the bar. Strangely, most of the girls learned the strip-like moves that most dancers exhibit from watching American TV here in Holland. Which, by the way, is quite abundant. But don't get the idea that these Zebra dancers are working girls. Andy has a strict policy of no outcall hustling. If you want that... it's never far away in Amsterdam. Regardless, the Zebra is a must visit when going Dutch.


3.0 A bit small for my taste, and it needs AC, but it is Amsterdam.


3.0 Nothing beats Texas, sorry.


4.0 Refreshing indeed.

Nasty Factor

2.5 It's just a bikini bar. Hit the Red Light after you get warmed up.

Justin Petersen is an American visiting Amsterdam. He has visited many strip clubs in the United States. He can be reached via email in Amsterdam.


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