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Z Bone's $5,000 Amateur Contest

December 15, 2004

Zbone.com held its very first Amateur Dance Contest at the Spearmint Rhino in downtown Los Angeles. The total prize money offered was $5,000, which brought out some of the most interesting and beautiful contestants I have seen in a long time. There were a total of 27 contestants that entered the contest.

Adult video celebrity, Jacklyn Lick, was nice enough to M.C. the event for me at this event. The judging was done by the audience members who downloaded the judge's forms. The contest was judged in 3 categories of appearance, performance, and crowd response. All categories were scored from 1 to 10, 10 being the best score and the totals were used to determine the winner.

Contestant #8, Nicole doing her hula hoop performance.

Some of the stand-out contestants were Espy, Nicole, Tally, Skylar, Jersey, Penelope and Jesslyn. Contestant #3 named Espy wore a Michael Jackson costume and danced to his music with some great pole work. In my opinion, she probably had the best costume of the night and came in a very close 4th.

Contestant #8 named Nicole came on stage with a hula hoop and hoop-ed the entire set to the song "White Horse" by Laid Back, without stopping once and taking her costume off in the process. I can safely say that I have never seen anything like that in a strip club dance contest before. Apparently, she also does a performance with fire and other devices. She is new to strip club dancing and performs live for parties. Her performance was the most unique, albeit not sexy, and garnered cheers from the audience and came in 5th.

Contestant #10, Tally showing offer her fantastic bod while taking her top off.

Next on the stand-out list would be contestant #10, Tally wearing a firewoman's costume and dancing to "Breath" by Prodigy. This song selection was perfect for her high energy dancing, and pole tricks, including falling from the top of the pole, into a left split, pushing back up, into a right split, then back again. She also does a split to back-flip, to another split. Quite amazing when you see it live. There was no doubt in my mind that her performance was the best so far and the audience went wild at the end of her set.

Contestant #21, Skylar, walked on stage wearing a real fur coat, that according to a house dancer who examined the coat. In my opinion, if you like the centerfold type of girl, this contestant was the best looking. However, mostly she just strutted and posed, which a dancer that looks that good can do.

Right after her was contestant #22, Jersey, who danced to Kid Rock and was one of the sexiest dancers in the contest. She did some pole work, looked hot, did some flexible moves, looked hot, did some floor work, and then looked hot. At least that's what I wrote in my notes.

Up next was contestant #23, Penelope, who had the biggest smile on the most compact body that I've ever seen. She was clearly an ex-gymnast, and probably a very good one. Her body type certainly would qualify her to be a competitive gymnast and she showed off her flexibility to an extreme. She was able to do the type of flips that gymnasts do, including where she squats and lifts herself off the floor with only her hands touching the floor, with outstretched legs. She also did some interesting break dancing just to add more to her already amazing set, which also garnered a great audience response. This was going to be a close contest for sure.

Left to right: M.C. Jacklyn Lick, 3rd place Jersey, 1st place Tally and 2nd place Penelope.

The last stand-out for me was Jesslyn, contestant #26, who danced to "Down with the Sickness" by Disturbed, which is a great selection for a dance contest. She did some splits and good pole work.

After the judges score cards were collected and tabulated, the winners were announced by Jacklyn Lick. Placing 3rd was Jersey winning $500, 2nd was Penelope awarded $1,500 and 1st place went to Tally winning $3,000 and the very first zbone.com contest trophy.

Congratulations and thanks to all the contestants, for entering and participating in this first event for zbone.com. Thanks also to Jacklyn Lick and Andy E. for their participation. Much thanks goes to Jerry, Richard and the great crew at Spearmint Rhino downtown Los Angeles for hosting and running the smoothest dance contest I've been involved with.  Last but not least, thanks to everyone that came out to participate in this event.  Hope everyone had a blast.  I sure did.

All photos courtesy Private Dancer Magazine.


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