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Pink Diamonds Prepares to Open

October 12, 2005

A new nude club will open tomorrow (October 13) in North Hollywood named Pink Diamonds.  This is a new sister club to what used to be Pleasures in Pasadena (a topless club).

Zbone.com got a sneak peek of this yet to open (and under construction), two story club with plenty of room to expand in the future.  The location has gated secured parking, as well as indoor parking to the right of the club area.  This would be great for bad weather situations.

Dressing Room
Large dressing room with plenty of amenities for the dancers.

As you enter the front door, there is a small lobby area to pay, and a large room to the left which will be a adult book and lingerie store.  The club is to the right with a runway type stage in the center.  The large dressing room is behind the stage.  The dressing room has mirrors on the wall, a vending machine, lockers, magnifying mirrors, and other amenities for the dancers.  For now, the dancers will only pay a flat house fee and keep all the lap dance money.

Dressing Room
Bar shown on the left with stage shown in the center and to the right.  Dressing room is behind the mirrored wall on the right.

The main area contains the stage, 2 lap dance areas ($20 topless and $40 nude), the bar, rest rooms, an indoor smoking room, and a VIP lounge area with comfortable couches.

Until the grand opening in November or December, the cover charge will only be $5 during the day and $10 at night (after 7pm).  Pink Diamonds will accept the Z-VIP card for free admission from day one.  Drink prices will range from $6 to $10 and for once, this "juice bar" will actually offer real smoothies and cappuccinos as well as the normal soft and juice drinks.

Pink Diamonds plans on having monthly features and theme stage shows to attract an upscale crowd.  They will enforce their dress code and will import dancers from all over the country.

Guarded optimism is what I have for the future of this club.  So far, everything looks like it might be on the right track.  After their initial opening, I'll visit the club and write a full review, then re-visit again for the official grand opening.  Stay tuned.


Deja Vu Showgirl Spectacular

April 20, 2005

Deja Vu, Bakersfield

Once a year, the Deja Vu and Hustler clubs in Southern California put on a contest between the clubs.  Each club comes with a team of dancers, managers and DJs and compete against each of the other club teams.

This year, the line up started with Deja Vu, Bakersfield which started with a pole competition, then banana eating, and finally find the beads in the mess of whip cream.  The banana eating contest was my favorite part of this team's display.  Nothing better than watching two girls on their knees eating a banana being held by a guy next to his groin area.  The whip cream was a big mess and it took the team about 20 minutes to clean up afterwards.

Deja Vu, City of Industry

Next, up were the newbies from Deja Vu, City of Industry.  They were somewhat at a handicap since it's a new club and didn't have a lot of girls to choose from.  However, they put on a great show with the four girls covered with gold, just like in the movie Goldfinger.

They first started with a song by Dead Can Dance wearing masks, feeding each other grapes, throwing rose pedals around, then doing some double pole work with two girls on the pole simultaneously, on both poles.  Not as easy as it looks.  In fact, it didn't look easy, period.

Deja Vu, Ontario

Next up, Deja Vu, Ontario comes out with a punch and a half.  First, two Kung-Fu guys come on stage with fog and Playstation game costumes on.  Then a dragon comes out from the back and travels around the audience.

Once the dragon gets onto the stage, four Kung-Fu girls comes out of the dragon and stands in a line.  They all drop their Kimono simultaneously, to reveal and tattoo covered nude bodies.  Nice.  I'm not into huge tattoos but the dropping of the Kimono was a nice fantasy come true.

Next, the girls fight it out like Mortal Kombat, then without explanation, decide that love is better than war and start making out with each other. This part got so hot that I have to just leave it to your imagination.

Finally, another dancer did some crazy pole work, then everyone did some lap dances for the audience.  The love action after the fighting was clearly my favorite part of this presentation.

Hustler, Redlands with Paris (DOM June 2005) and Brooklyn (DOM August 2005)

Next up, Hustler, Redlands came out with a knockout lineup with Paris (DOM June 2005, and Deja Vu Showgirl of the Year 2005), Brooklyn (DOM August 2005), Davina and Lindsey.  The stage is set with lockers and the girls come out and start exercising like they are at a gym to Physical and Two of Hearts.  Just the image of 4 hotties wearing short shorts and tennies were enough but when they started to do stretches and bends, it was heaven.

They took their clothes off, then sprayed water on each other, then performed synchronized nude aerobics, and if that wasn't enough, got into towels, and got friendly with each other, still using the water in the bottles all to the Flashdance Maniac song.  Imagine Flashdance, times 4, with water... nude.  Nice.

Paris finished off with some of her legendary pole work that won her the Showgirl of the Year award in 2005.  At about this time, I was still in some dreamland thinking about the Flashdance part of the show.

Hustler, Westminster

Next, up came the rocker girls from Huster, Westminster.  They come on stage with real instruments and lip synced to some head-banging rocker stuff.

They gave away a bunch of free stuff to the audience, then started to pour Jagermeister (I assume it was fake) on themselves.  It started getting a little out of hand and I wasn't sure if it was part of the show or the girls just got crazy and didn't care anymore.

There was liquid all over the place and the girls were all going at it.  I was hoping for some more cat fighting action but it was over before it could get that far.

North Hollywood
Deja Vu, North Hollywood wins competition with Chicago review.

Finally, the last group was the home-team Deja Vu, North Hollywood taking the stage that was decked out to look like the movie set for Chicago.

Having seen the movie after the fact, I realize now that the entire set was a re-creation of the entire scene from the movie, except that it with nudity.  At first, I didn't even realize that the girls were all wearing crotch-less panties.  During one of the dance numbers, all the girls are on their hands and knees.  This is when I realized that I was not looking in the right place until then.  All the dance moves from the movie, as well as the entire soundtrack is lip-synced by the dancers in a performance worthy of winning a Tony, or at least the X-rated version of the Tony.

The judges performed their duties and the Chicago number by Deja Vu, North Hollywood won first place and the $3000 prize money, along with bragging rights for another year.

All in all,  I've never seen so much work put into a strip club contest before. This show is a must see for next year.  Put it on your calendar now.

All photos courtesy Gordon Mui of Private Dancer Magazine.


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