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Rouge Downtown Brings Sexy Back

December 21, 2006

Zbone.com will hold the $5,000 Strip-Off at the Rouge in Downtown Los Angeles on Saturday, January 6, 2007.  The contest will begin at 9pm, but contestants must be there no later than 8pm.

This is not a dance contest. It's a strip tease contest.  The dancer deemed to be the sexiest strip tease performer will be awarded the $3,000 1st place prize (plus trophy and other prizes), $1,500 for 2nd and $500 for 3rd place.

Each customer will be given an election style ballot and will vote for their favorite strip tease contestant.  The dancer with the most number of votes will win the prize.

Hope to see everyone there and good luck to all the contestants.

If you are a dancer and would like more information on this contest, click here.


Rouge Opens in Downtown

October 6, 2006

Rouge Exterior Day
Rouge (Downtown) before opening. Notice the new parking lot next to the club.
What used to be the Silver Reign in Downtown is now the Rouge, which is set to open it's doors on October 5.  We got a sneak peek before the opening to see the remodeled look.

The Rouge chain is owned by Spearmint Rhino and is a new "brand" with a more upscale European and "adult" look.  Rouge is shooting for the more mature, classy customers, and there will be a dress code so you probably shouldn't go there wearing a tank top and flip-flops.

The basic layout of the club is the same but the look and feel has been completely changed from the semi-Rhino look to the new Rouge look.  In case you haven't seen the Van Nuys version, it's sort of a dark red European slash New Orleans house of ill repute look.  Basically, it's plush looking, and red everywhere.  Even the pictures of the girls on the wall are wearing red outfits.

Rouge Interior
Club being prepared before opening. DJ booth on left, stage on right.
One of the great new features of this Rouge is the VIP lounge area which is a separate room with it's own stage, bar, bathroom, and lap dance area. This will be perfect for private bachelor parties.

Unfortunately, this area was not ready yet so there are no pictures here.  Once the club opens officially, that's the first thing we'll bring you pictures of.  But I already like the micro-stage in there. It's cozy.  I like cozy.

But the craziest news is that from now until November 30, they are offering free admission and one free topless dance for people with coupons or Z-VIP members.  You can only use it once every 24 hour period. When I asked them how many drinks they had to buy at the door, they said none.  I asked them, "So what's the catch?" Their reply was, "They have to find us first."

So that's no joke. You walk in for free and get a free lap dance.  Hmmm. That's going to be pretty tough to beat.


Z Bone's Hottest Nude Body Contest

June 17, 2006

Presley Rose (2nd place), M.C. Ron Jeremy, Monroe (1st place), and Secret (3rd place).  Photo by Paul Hart.
Eleven finalists competed for their share of the $5,000 prize money and to be crowed "Z Bone's Hottest Nude Body" for 2006 at the Spearmint Rhino in Downtown Los Angeles.

M.C. and porno legend Ron Jeremy started off the night with some jokes between signing autographs.

The contest quickly got underway.  Since all the dancers qualified previously, there were no soft spots at all.  Every dancer looked good, and performed like a winner.

Coming in 3rd and taking home $500, was Secret who wore a devilish outfit and chain tied herself to the pole while candles were lit around the stage.  She poured fake blood on herself while looking very sexy.

Second place went to Presley Rose who looks a little like Paris Hilton from far away.  She did some splits on the pole and great floor work for the customers.  She won $1,500 for her performance.

Finally, Monroe danced to Brick House and Boogie Man, both by Rob Zombie, and practically tore off a customer's shirt and went to town.  That's what I call audience participation.  For her wild performance, she earned 1st place, a trophy and $3,000.  You can see Monroe at Spearmint Rhino, Industry.

Thanks for everyone who came to the competition, and Spearmint Rhino for hosting this wonderful event.


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