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Z Bone's Headline Nudes For 2002
How can I even pretend to be a real e-zine without a page for headlines!? This section will contain newsworthy events related to the strip club business, especially as it pertains to Los Angeles. Events covered by the traditional media will still be in the Media Bites section. This section will be reported by myself and other reporters for Z Bone.

Well, here you go and here we go. One step closer to being just another boring e-zine. Yeah, right!

Platinum to Open New Clubs
June 4, 2002

Platinum is building a new club in downtown Los Angeles about 2 miles east of the Staples Center which is currently slated for opening on July 1, 2002. This new location is on 15th Street near Long Beach, only a few blocks from the downtown Spearmint Rhino.

ExteriorThis exterior picture (right) shows the building which is in front of a taller building.

The location is one block away from the freeway on-ramp to the 10 and the parking area is partially under the freeway. It looks like they already got permission to use that area for parking from Caltrans and street lights have already been installed. This setup looks almost exactly like the downtown Spearmint Rhino except the building is larger.

Interior This interior photo (left) shows the main room where the stage will be. The oval race-track like object above the room is the lighting and decoration above what will be the stage.

This view is from the front entrance and you can see where the lap dance rooms will be behind the walls at the other end of the room. There are other rooms not shown in this picture which will probably be the bathroom and dressing room areas. There also seems to be another large room in the back which could be a VIP area.

The rumor is that 2 of the 3 owners of Platinum used to work for Spearmint Rhino, which would explain why the clubs look and operate in a similar way.

According to one of the owners, they are planning on opening at least 3 more clubs in the future and will be changing the name of the clubs to possibly "Atlantis". The name of this new chain of clubs have not been finalized at the time of this report.



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