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Z Bone's Headline Nudes For 2004

How can I even pretend to be a real e-zine without a page for headlines!? This section will contain newsworthy events related to the strip club business, especially as it pertains to Los Angeles. Events covered by the traditional media will still be in the Media Bites section. This section will be reported by myself and other reporters for Z Bone.

Well, here you go and here we go. One step closer to being just another boring e-zine. Yeah, right!

Z Bone Presents The $5,000 Amateur Contest

November 9, 2004

For the first time, zbone.com is presenting an amateur dance contest on Wednesday, December 15th, starting at 10pm at the Spearmint Rhino in downtown Los Angeles.  The $5,000 prize pool will be split as follows:

  • 1st prize is a whopping $3,000 and trophy!
  • 2nd prize is $1,500
  • 3rd prize is $500

You Can Be A Judge!
Come down and cheer for your favorite dancer.  Want more action?  How about being a judge.  Just print out this form and bring it with you (along with a pen) to the contest.  The form is also available in Microsoft Word format.  Be sure to get there no later than 10pm to qualify as a judge.

To enter the contest, you must register at the Spearmint Rhino in downtown before 9pm, December 15th, 2004.  There is a limited number of openings for this contest, so sign-up early.  It's free to register and the official rules, and contestant requirements will be explained to you when you register.  Anyone planning on using any props or needing special assistance, please be ready to describe the details of your dance set at the time of your registration.

Hope to see everyone there!  It's gonna be crackin' and rockin'!


LA Compromises With Strip Club Owners

January 12, 2004

After the strip clubs collected the needed signatures last year to put the original ordinance on hold, the LA City Council has removed the so-called anti-lap dancing portion from the original ordinance.

The new ordinance is different in 2 main sections.  The paragraph containing the rule that dancers must be 6' away from customers at all times, has been removed.  This was the paragraph that would have ended lap dancing.  Secondly, the wording of the so-called "no VIP room" paragraph has been slightly modified, allowing multi-room clubs to remain as is.  However, VIP rooms, private booths, and cubicles are not allowed, as was the case in the original ordinance.

The other items of interest, such as the yearly renewal of permits, and the requirement of bonded uniformed security guards, still remain in the revised ordinance.

The revised ordinance will take effect as of January 11, 2004.  The physical changes to the clubs(e.g. removal of VIP rooms) must be completed within 180 days of that date.


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