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How can I even pretend to be a real e-zine without a page for headlines!? This section will contain newsworthy events related to the strip club business, especially as it pertains to Los Angeles. Events covered by the traditional media will still be in the Media Bites section. This section will be reported by myself and other reporters for Z Bone.

Well, here you go and here we go. One step closer to being just another boring e-zine. Yeah, right!

Spearmint Rhino To Open in Downtown LA
October 1, 1999

John Gray, the owner of Spearmint Rhino announces that the Rhino chain has obtained the proper permits on July 30, to open a new nude strip club in downtown Los Angeles at 2020 Olympic Blvd. This location is only a few blocks east of Sam's Hof Brau and a few blocks south of PlayPen.

The location was a produce market store front with a 2 story building in the back. Contruction started in August and the front of the building has been buldozed and will be rebuild from scratch. The back section is high enough to be seen directly from the 10 freeway and a large sign on the building would attract a lot of customers to this new location for the chain.

Currently, the club is slated to open in November, Gray stated. This 5200 square feet building will be in the Rhino tradition of upscale and class in it's construction. From the large scale of construction, this reporter predicts that the opening will be delayed by a month or 2.

In related announcements, John Gray has revealed to this website that the chain is also opening clubs in New York City and Reno, Nevada.


Scamps Sold
September 27, 1999

What used to be "Jenna Jameson's Scamps" has been sold to the owner of Club 215 and is under new ownership as of today. The proposed new name is Teezers Showgirls and there will be some changes to the club in the near future. The club will remain open during renovations and possibly personnel changes. The DJ booth and bar will both be moved and the large stage will be split into 2.

Exotic Dancer Litigation Goes Into High Gear
September 8, 1999

As reported previously, attorney Chris Morosoff is representing several exotic dancers in a class action lawsuit against many of the strip clubs in Los Angeles and Orange County on a case that claims the dancers are not independent contractors and are instead employees known as the Cadena case.

In February 10, 1999, a new filing was made against the Spearmint Rhino chain by plaintiff Crescentia Rodriguez (case # BC205165). According to Morosoff, a separate lawsuit was filed for logistic reasons instead of amending the Cadena filing, which would have required the court's approval as well as notification of all 24 defendants.

As of this writing, there are now 18 class action suits against clubs across the state, said Morosoff. The new defendants added to the lawsuit are: Deja Vu Midway (in San Diego), Deja Vu of San Diego (on Kearny Villa Road), Centerfolds (in San Francisco), Hawaii Theatre, and Tropical Lei.

On October 1, Morosoff's office will distribute notices to dancers at each of the clubs involved in the lawsuit. They are being distributed by off-duty or retired law enforcement officers and describe the lawsuit and contact information, according to Morosoff. His office can be contacted at (818) 429-6384.


Tarzana Bikini Bar Tries To Go Topless
July 2, 1999

For more than 20 years, Dino's Show Bar in Tarzana has lured its customers through the door with bikini-clad dancers.

Now, the bar is seeking a city permit that would allow the dancers to go topless. A city zoning administrator will hold a public hearing July 9 to consider the matter.

The bar, 18454 Oxnard St, is within 500 feet of a residential area, so it must obtain a variance from the city zoning code before it can offer adult entertainment.

But the request, filed by bar owner Dean Gettleson, is facing tough opposition from Councilwoman Laura Chick and the Tarzana Property Owners Assn.

"I do not consider adult entertainment establishments an amenity to the communities in my district," Chick said.

"The bottom line is this establishment exists within a 500-foot radius of a residential neighborhood and, as such, the conditional-use permit will not be granted." Gettleson's attorney, Roger Diamond, said the area on Oxnard Street is precisely the type of zone in which topless bars are typically found in Los Angeles.

"The bar is in an industrial area, right across the street from a lumber yard," he said. "The only reason we need a permit is that it's slightly within 500 feet of an apartment complex.

"But it's been a bikini bar for more than 20 years, and allowing the dancers to take their tops off isn't going to change anything." Helen Itria Norman, president of the Tarzana Property Owners Assn., said she opposes topless bars in any location, particularly close to residences.

"The bar may be across the street from a lumber yard, but it's also just down the street from condos," she said.

"Too much is allowed under the First Amendment already, and I don't think nudity is free speech, especially when it's done in a hanky-panky way." Diamond said allowing Dino's to become a topless bar would not change the character of the business or the neighborhood. In fact, he said, it would likely benefit surrounding businesses by drawing more people to the area.

The bar is licensed to seat 80 people and is open daily from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m.

The public hearing on the bar's permit request will be held at 10 a.m. at the Sherman Oaks Woman's Club, 4808 Kester Ave., Sherman Oaks.


Star Gardens Re-Opens
April 6, 1999

Star Gardens has been sold to the old owners of Spice Lady (which was also sold) and has been completely remodeled. The new look reminds me of the Spice Lady with the same chairs and lighting. The new club is much improved and so far has attracted the same Spice Lady type Hollywood-ish crowd. Star Gardens had become a biker hang-out but the new look may change the customer base.

Scamps Wins Battle & Gets Liquor License
March 7, 1999

By OC_ROB, Orange County Correspondent

After a 3-year + battle with the City of Westminster, the ABC, and nights of protesters Scamps officially started serving booze on March 4th. The club now features a fully stocked bar with a complete selection of beer, wine, and mixed drinks.

Simultaneously, the club also changed from nude to topless. Gone are the tip "trays" near the stage. Customers can now place tips on the stage but still may not hand money directly to the girls.

Also of note porn starlet Christina Angel is going to be a house dancer!


Spearmint Rhino, Van Nuys, Ready To Charge
February 1, 1999

Main area

Main area

Bar stage

VIP area

Spearmint Rhino Cabaret, Inc. has been preparing to open their new club in Van Nuys at 15004 Oxnard Street. The club has been physically ready since December of 1998 but the opening has been delayed by the city which has not approved all the permits needed to open.

Sources closely monitoring the situation have stated that the club is currently slated to open on February 5, 1999, pending the outcome of more negotiations with the city regarding the permits necessary to open.

John Gray, CEO of Spearmint Rhino, is optimistic about the pending opening of their new club and states, "the club is 6000 square feet and we look forward to the location becoming the hottest club in the Western United States." According to Gray, this club is the "largest and most expensive club" in the Rhino chain of clubs.  Sources have revealed that this Van Nuys club may be anointed as the flag ship club for Rhino. However, the Spearmint Rhino corporate headquarters remains in the City of Industry.

To view the pictures of the interior of the new Van Nuys club, move your cursor to the selection item below the picture. To view a larger version of the picture, click on the selection item.  As you can see from the pictures (exclusive to this strip club website), the interior of the club is upscale in the usual Rhino tradition of clubs.

Nasty Another exclusive late breaking story about the new Van Nuys club is that Los Angeles radio DJ personality, "the bald man from Guam", the Nastyman will be DJing there. This will be the first time for Nastyman as a strip club DJ. With a name like that, one wonders why it's taken so long for him to be associated with strip clubs. Nastyman has been with KIIS 102.7 FM and more recently with KLSX 97.1 FM talk radio in the Los Angeles market. "I'm pumped and ready to ROCK!" shouts the Nastyman, who is now looking for a new gig in the Los Angeles radio market. "I'm waiting to see what my options are. I want to stay in Los Angeles if possible but I may end up in San Diego or Hawaii," remarks the ever flamboyant Nastyman.

John Gray has also made public to this website that the Rhino chain will be opening more new clubs in the Southern California area. According to Gray, the second City of Industry club will be at 15425 East Valley Boulevard, and another new club in Highland at 27409 5th Street, and yet another club in Artesia. Other planned clubs are in Key West and Miami Florida.

Moreover, according to Gray, the Las Vegas club is "undergoing massive remodelling" and is "now with full liquor." The Las Vegas Strip Club Review website has reported in the past that the Vegas club has had some trouble getting the proper licenses and permits necessary to carry full alcohol at that club. Another representative of the Spearmint Rhino chain has stated that the remodelling includes a new large neon sign promoting their new status as a club with a full bar.


IC Vs. Employee Status Lawsuits
January 2, 1999

As many of you many be aware, over the years, the strip club industry has been losing some lawsuits concerning the working status of dancers at strip clubs. In San Francisco, several clubs lost the Independent Contractor status and was ordered to pay back wages. The same type of lawsuit was recently won by two dancers suing Fantasy in Colton winning $40k each. This particular lawsuit has been ongoing for about 4 years and will now force the club to go back to having employee status for the dancers or close their doors.

In a related lawsuit filed December 22, 1998, 5 Los Angeles dancers have filed a class action lawsuit against several Los Angeles strip clubs on behalf of all dancers who worked at the clubs. The law firm handling the case for the plaintiffs is Ray A. Mandlekar & Christopher J. Morosoff who can be reached at (818) 429-6384 or (310) 551-0948. The clubs being sued are: Bob's Classy Lady, The Body Shop, Deja Vu, Inc., Exotica, The Gentlemen's Club, Hollywood Cabaret, Industrial Strip, Lacy Street Cabaret, Paradise Club, Sahara Theater #3, Sam's Hof Brau, and Star Strip Too.

The plaintiffs representing the class action are: Alicia Cadena, Lilliana Rangel, Silvia Salgado, Jeannie Tambini and Allie Ochs. This reporter knows one of the plaintiffs but has not been able to contact her for comment as of this writing. She is currently still dancing.


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