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ZChat Help

This document lists commands that are available from within the ZChat IRC client.  If you have more general questions, please read our ZChat FAQ.

As always, if you have questions that are not answered here, or want to make suggestions or comments, feel free to
e-mail me.

Login Screen

  • Nickname
    Enter the nickname or handle other users know you as. Keep in mind that this is the IRC nickname and your registered username on the bulletin board or reader review board does not apply here.  See the FAQ on registration of your IRC nickname.
  • Password
    If you have a registered nickname, enter your password here.  If you do not have a registered nickname, leave this blank.
  • Mute Sounds
    Check the box here to mute any sounds in the chat room.  This is useful if you do not want to disturb others near you with noises from the computer (i.e. you're at work).
  • Login
    Press this button to login after you have filled in the above fields.

ZChat Room

  • The center area shows the messages you have sent and received. The current topic for this room, if any, is shown near the top.
  • The right list displays people currently in this chat room. If you select one or more names from the list then your messages (and sounds) will only go to those people. There are two special characters that precede some names:
    @ indicates an operator that issue commands to control the room.
    + indicates a user with "voice", only users with voice can speak in a moderated room.
  • At the bottom is the input line for your messages.  The text "Enter text here..." will be there the first time you use it. You can send a message by typing it into this line.

    A few basic commands you can enter here are:
    /action message Sends an action (red) message.
    /away message Set yourself as "away from keyboard" and show message. Leave the message blank to turn this off.
    /me message Same as /action.
    /msg nickname message Whisper a message only to this nickname.
    /nick newname Change your nickname to newname.
    /nickserv sidentify nickname password If you change your nickname to another registered nickname, you must identify yourself with your password for the nickname.
    /nickserv info nickname Get all available information on the nickname.
    /nickserv register password youremail Register your nickname with password and youremail.
    /nickserv set contact email Set your nickname's contact email address.
    /nickserv set password newpass Change password to newpass.
    /nickserv set protect on|off Protect your nickname from others using it by forcing the user to enter the password.
    /nickserv set url Add or change the website address associated with your nickname.
    /query nickname Open a window for a private chat with nickname. Double-clicking on the name will also cause the same effect.
    /quit Leave the chat and disconnect from the server.
    /topic newtopic Changes the topic (if allowed).
    /whois nickname Shows you information about this nickname.


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