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To link to us, get one of the banners below by using your browser to "Save Image" to your server. Please do not serve the banner from our server.
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If you are not familiar with HTML, use the following code as an example:
<A HREF="http://www.zbone.com/"><IMG SRC="name_of_file.gif" WIDTH=width HEIGHT=height BORDER=0></A>

Be sure to put the proper name of the file, width and height above.

Animated: Views, reviews, news (468 x 60) 15k New

Animated: The Strip Insider (468 x 60) 9k

Animated: Yo Quiero Laps! (468 x 60) 11k

Animated: zbone.com recommended (390 x 50) 16k
The above banner is to be used by clubs that have received a thumbs up review ONLY!

Animated: got laps? (400 x 50) 7k

got laps? (400 x 60) 5k

Strippers (400 x 60) 10k

got laps? (400 x 40) 4k

Reviews & gossip (400 x 40) 3k

The Z Files (234 x 60) 20k

Z Bone Banner 120 x 60
100% STRIP CLUBS (120 x 60) 3k

Z-VIP Card Accepted Here (100 x 60) 3kNew
The above banner is to be used by club websites that accept the Z-VIP card ONLY!

100% strip clubs (88 x 31) 2k

License plate (203 x 99) 10k

Laps Inside, white background (105 x 100) 3k

Small Z Bone logo (86 x 60) 4k

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