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Exposed: A Private Dancer
Exposed: Élan's Prologue

ElanI'm an exotic dancer; a stripper if you will. It still sounds strange sometimes to hear myself say that, but it's true and I'm not ashamed. It's an art, a talent, a business, and a hell of a lot of fun.

I haven't always been a dancer, obviously. If you had asked me only a year ago if I would be doing this, I would have emphatically stated no. My background is in journalism and I am also a certified network administrator. I'm accustomed to professional, conservative environments. I'm also a big car racing fan and can change my own oil. Like most women, I'm an enigma.

So how did I become a dancer? That's what this is all about. Exposed: A Private Dancer is my story, the story of Élan and how I came to be. This is a living, on-going story. The longer I dance, the more I'll have to tell. I hope you enjoy it.

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