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Bikini Bottom Types
Many of you are already painfully aware of my semi-obsession with female butts. Although there's nothing better than that perfectly shaped butt that's butt nekkid in front of your face, there is also something to be said about what you don't see. Leaving a little to the imagination can sometimes be sexier. An otherwise average butt can be made to look much better if covered by the correct type of bikini bottom.

There seems to be some confusion (even among some dancers) regarding the actual names of the different types of bikini bottoms that are available. If we are to be able to talk and write about this subject matter consistently, we must be sure that we are talking about the same thing. Aside from the fact that I like talking about and looking at butts, the following is presented here as a study in bikini bottoms for the purposes of understanding and recognizing the styles available.

Thanks to Wild and Free Online Catalog for allowing us to use the pictures of the bikini bottoms. All of the bikini bottoms shown here are available from their web site by simply clicking here as well as many other dancer outfits..

T-BackLets start with the traditional T-Back. Although I don't know the actual history of the name, I assume that the name came from the fact the the back of the bikini looks like a "T". Notice that most of the butt is showing but not much of the front shows with this style. In Los Angeles, many topless clubs allow T-Backs to be worn.

1/4 BackSome of the pickier topless clubs force their dancers to wear this style of bikini bottom known as the 1/4 Back. This style is similar to the traditional T-Back except a little more of the butt is hidden. Notice how there is a crease created in the back lower portion of the bikini. In some ways, this is sexier than the more skimpy T-Back style. In any case, enough butt is shown that if I was the quarter back, I'd sure want my center to wear one.

1/2 BackIn Los Angeles, clubs that are bikini only are supposed to have their dancers wear full bottoms. However, most of them allow them to wear the style shown here known as 1/2 Backs. I assume the name implies that half their butts are covered. Quite often, the dancer will pull the sides up to reveal more of their butts.

In nude clubs, it is often cumbersome for the dancer to get out of her bikini bottoms if she must do this standing up. In order to accommodate this need, the bikini bottom industry has come up with styles that allow the bottoms to come off very easily.

Rip-OffShown here is a style called Rip-Off bottoms. As the name implies, there is a small hook on the side that allows the dancer to unhook the sides and take the bottom off without having to slide it down her legs. There's always somebody coming up with a better bikini snap. Personally, if the dancer knows how to tease really good, this type of bikini bottom can be very sexy. She can prolong the tease by holding onto the unhooked portion but not revealing the prize too fast.

SJ T-BackFor those of you who are now thinking that these T-Back style bottoms have too much hidden in the waist area, just take a look at this next style known as the SJ T-Back. As you can see, the general shape of the T-Back is still there but the side waist material is as thin as dental floss. Nevertheless, this still qualifies as a T-Back and that small triangular material makes it all good.

String SJ TieNow you're saying to yourself, how about making this thin waist version come right off like the Rip-Off version, right? Say no more. The String SJ Tie bottom meets this criteria down to the crotch. All the dancer has to do is pull on the ripcord and shwing! I know some nude dancers who now work topless who have to double tie their bottoms so they don't take their bottom off on stage. I guess old habits are hard to break. Hmmm. How about going to the pool?

Just when you thought that all possible shapes and styles of T-Backs have been invented, some designer has to come up with yet more styles with fancy names. How many more styles can there be? Well, I guess there could be as many different styles as there are bikini designers.

Diamond CutOne of these fancy styles is called the Diamond Cut bottom (shown here). This T-Back style was probably given this name because of the diamond "V" shape cut on the back and front top areas. This allows for just a wee more to show in the back but fancy doesn't always mean sexier.

NovaAs a perfect example of fancier doesn't equal sexier, take a look at this next style called the Nova bottom. Instead of it being a "star", it looks more like a sumo wrestler's jock strap. The wide and horizontal waist is definitely a turn off for me.

There are other fancy looking T-Back styles but you get the general idea of the available types.

Your next cry is, "Enough T-Backs for topless clubs! Where's the G-Strings?!" Your wish has been answered. All nude clubs basically allow the dancer to wear just about anything. Since they are going to take it all off anyway, it really doesn't matter what they wear. And so they do wear some skimpy looking bottoms.

G-StringHere we see your average G-String. The main difference between the G-String and the T-Back is the back. As you can see, the triangular piece of cloth in the back is missing. All you see is some floss holding the tiny thing together. However, the front area covers just about the same amount of real estate as the T-Back. If you like butts like I do, the more butt area you can see, the better.

MicroNow for those of you who don't care to leave much to the imagination, take a look at this Micro bottom. As you can plainly see, this is the extreme in G-Strings. With this style, even the front is lowered and the covered area is even smaller. If this got any smaller, they could make this out of thread instead of using fabric.

All in all, I hope you enjoyed this mini bikini bottom tour. Hopefully, this has made you more aware of the different types of butts, I mean, bikini bottoms that are available. The next time you are talking to someone about this topic, you can feel more confident in dropping bikini bottom technical terms like an expert.

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