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There are many questions in the world of strip clubs but I seem to get the same ones a lot. I have collected questions regarding strip clubs, clubbing, dancers, and even this website, and put them into this FAQ page.  There's no way that I can cover everything here but it's a good way for you to get started in getting to know more about this industry and subject matter.

Please check here and read carefully before you send me e-mail asking about something already answered.

Thanks for conserving bandwidth on the Internet.


Is it OK to link to your site from mine?

Yes, feel free to link to zbone.com all you want. Please link to: http://www.zbone.com/
Do not link directly to any other page. Specifically, do not link to the ZChat, bulletin board or Darkside directly because the URL may change.

To get banners for zbone.com, click here. Do not serve the banners from this website. Please copy the banner to your server. Thanks.

Let me know when you do link to me so and I'll checkout your website as well. I cannot promise a return link to you since I only link to sites that I think would be of interest to my readers.

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How do I know what is updated?

The best way is to go to the main table of contents and click on "What's New". You can also join my mailing list and be notified by mail.

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How do I find what I'm looking for?

You can use the zbone.com site search which is located at the top of the table of contents page. Please read the search help before asking questions about it. You can also use the site map (organized by sections like the table of contents) or the site index (alphabetical list of all pages) to find what you want.

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How old is your website?

It was started in 1995 but the domain name was obtained in 1997. Prior to 1997, the website was on GNN.com which was bought by AOL.

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Why don't you update your website more often?

The website is normally updated at least once a month. Sometimes, when I am busy, it may be less often. If I have a lot of free time, I will try to update it once a week. You may also want to check the bulletin board, or the reader review board which usually have new posts daily.

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Why are some of your reviews so old?

Yes, many of the reviews are old but I am always actively updating reviews.  Please let me know which clubs you want me to visit and I will try to visit and update the reviews.  However, please keep in mind that there are over 100 clubs in LA/OC and if I visit one a week, it would take me 2 years to update all the clubs. Frankly, the clubs that are not updated are because they are not worth updating (with a few exceptions). If you notice, the clubs that are more popular have been updated in the last year or so.

If you are interested in what the readers are saying about a particular club, you can read their posts on the reader review board, which often has more current information than my reviews.

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Why is your site so slow?

This could be caused by one of many factors. During peak periods, the entire Internet can get bogged down. Sometimes your ISP can become slow for whatever reason. My server can be slow because of extra traffic as well. To see what the Internet traffic is like, try The Internet Weather Report website. To see the actual bandwidth of your Internet connection, go to:

To see the peak hours and days for this website, click here.

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What happened to your mirror site?

It was too much work maintaining a mirror site which was hardly ever used. The space is being used for other more useful things now.

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Why are the pictures fuzzy or dark?

If you are using AOL's browser, the pictures may have been compressed automatically by AOL for faster retrieval. To avoid this, you can use the latest versions of the Netscape or Microsoft browsers over AOL.

As for the pictures being too dark (or light), this may be caused by your monitor not being set properly. Click here to adjust your monitor's brightness, then click here to adjust the contrast.

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Why are there blank rectangular areas?

This is probably caused by the browser blocking banner ads or an external program that blocks banner ads. If you have this feature turned on in your browser or external program, you can turn it off if you wish to see the banner ads.

If you don't see ANY pictures or banners, you probably have your browser set to not show any images.  This is for users who have slow connections to the internet and do not wish to be slowed down by images, photos and banners.  To turn images back on, follow the instructions here:

  • In Internet Explorer 6.0, click on Tools > Internet Options > Advanced, and then check the box next to Show Pictures (under Multimedia).
  • In Netscape Navigator 6.1, click on Edit > Preferences > Advanced, then select Automatically Load Images.

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What does Z Bone mean?

The Ass Bone is connected to the Breast Bone... and the Yahoo Bone is connected to the Z Bone.

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What do you look like?

I get asked why there are no pictures of me on the website. The answer: I'm shy. Actually, I am anonymous because I don't want club owners and managers to be able to recognize me when I come into the club for a review.

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I met you at a club. Aren't you were supposed to be anonymous?

I sometimes get email from people who tell me that they met me at a club. I do not tell people who I am so the person or people you met were impersonating me. I really don't care if people impersonate me but they should be aware that some owners, managers and other industry workers are not zbone.com friendly. Without going into details, I can tell you that it's not safe to say that you are associated to this website at certain clubs. Although currently, I am not 86ed from any clubs that I am aware of, I am definitely less welcomed at some clubs for various reasons that I do not care to elaborate on.

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What do you do for a living?

Why, I review strip clubs. What else? :)

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How did you get started with your website?

Originally, I was a poster on ASSC (alt.sex.strip-clubs) and started posting Los Angeles strip club reviews there. One of the other posters there thought that it would be a good idea to put the reviews on a website so that it would be easier to find. I thought that it would be a good way for me to learn HTML so I decided to take him up on his idea. Once I got started, it just kept going. Most of the features I added (e.g. chat room, bulletin board, review board) were both to make the website more popular by having better features and also to learn more programming for websites.

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How often do you go to clubs?

Usually no less than 2 times a week. Sometimes 4 or 5.

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Why don't you open your own club?

Yes, I used to think that would be cool.  Then when I got to know the owners, I realized that I did not want to open my own club. It's a lot harder than it looks.  It's a lot of head-aches.  Basically, anytime you deal with the public (in any business), there's going to be trouble.  Then add to that, the dancers, and you are pretty much asking for it.  I find that it's much more pleasurable to visit the clubs of other people and let them worry about things.

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Are there any job openings at Z Bone?

No. However, feel free to email me any club reviews.

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How do I join the Z Posse?

You can join by becoming a Z-VIP member. You can also participate by reading this website, posting on the bulletin board, buying products and services from our sponsors, buying a Z-shirt, ZChatting and attending ZCons. If you want to be a certified member, take the Z Posse test now.

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What does "&nbsp" mean on your web site?

This means that you are using the AOL browser which does not decode HTML correctly. Moreover, AOL's browser does not center text or graphics, show backgrounds, or format tables. In 2 words: it SUCKS! Download the newest version of AOL NOW to fix these problems! You can also use Netscape or MS IE with AOL or just switch to a real ISP.

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What is "YMMV"?

Your Mileage May Vary. In other words, "Individual results may vary". Just because I saw a bunch of good looking dancers one night or got nasty dances from one dancer, does not mean that will always be the case. Like anything else, always use the motto: Buyer beware.

The next question is: What is "YMWV"? Your mileage WILL vary. This is the term I use when I know things vary for sure at the club.

For this and other acronyms, look at my glossary.

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Do you have strip club coupons on your site?

Yes. I have coupons for Spearmint Rhino (Downtown and Rialto) for free lap dances.

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How do I email you?

You can click on the mailbox icon at the top and bottom of every page (including this one), or email me at webmaster@zbone.com.

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Why don't you reply to anon e-mail addresses?

I am unable and unwilling to reply to anonymous e-mail addresses.

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Why didn't you reply to my email?

I normally reply to all email sent to me even if the email doesn't contain questions. It's possible that I did not receive your email because you addressed it incorrectly, or something was wrong with your server or mine.

Another possibility is that the text for "subject" was too generic and I may have deleted it thinking it was spam.  Do not email me with subjects like "hi" or "question" or "please read".  Please realize that I get about 200 spams per day so I have to go through them fairly quickly.  I only look at email that looks legit and skip and delete the ones that look like spam.  A good subject would be something like "Orange county club question for zbone."  There's no way I would mistake that email for spam.

Yet another possibility is that if you emailed me from a free email account (e.g. hotmail, yahoo), sometimes my spam blocker thinks that it's spam.  Also, if you include an attachment, sometimes my spam blocker thinks it's a virus.  Therefore, if you include an attachment, please send a second email that tells me that you sent another email with an attachment.

Note that some anti-spam services on many ISPs and free email services (e.g. AOL, hotmail) may consider email from "webmaster" to likely be spam and may delete it. Also, many people delete email from "webmaster" without reading it. These are some reasons why you may not have received my email. For detailed information on how to get around your spam blocker (called whitelisting), please read this document.

My email address is webmaster@zbone.com. Also, I often receive email which when I reply to, comes back as undeliverable. In this case, there is no way for me to contact you. If you don't hear back from me, first test to make sure your reply email address is correct by emailing yourself, then reply back to it.  When you have verified that this works, email me again.

Alternatively, you can post a message on the Bulletin Board under the topic "Z Bone's Website".

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Do you have a newsletter list?

Yes I do. To subscribe to the newsletter and be notified when there is an update to this website, go to:

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How do I get off your newsletter list?

Go to the following link and follow the instructions there:

To get off the Z-VIP newsletter list, please see the FAQ at:

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What is your rating system for dancers?

"Rating" dancers is very subjective. However, I think it's fair to ask what my criteria are since each review contains a number. I have a rating system I use in my reviews. I take what I consider to be the average of all dancers and give a rating for the club. When I do so, I am using a scale of 0-4, 4 being best.

Personally, I like faces. If a dancer has a really pretty face and average body, I will rate her higher than a dancer that has a ugly face and good body. I know many readers will disagree with me on this because dancers are usually rated on their body but that's how I am. But obviously, the dancer with the pretty face AND good body wins out, period.

Moreover, I am partial to "back" more than tops. Therefore, a really hot back will rate higher in my book than really big top. On rare occasions, I have seen a non-enhanced perfect top and I will rate that high.

As they say, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Therefore, dancer "rating" is in the laps of Z Bone.

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What exactly do you mean by "nasty" dances?

Originally, I didn't want to really come right out and explain this in my ratings section. However, this has slowly turned into a FAQ so I'll answer it this way. Generally speaking, the more contact, the nastier rating I give. Higher ratings would indicate more skin to skin contact or manipulations by either party. Lower scores indicate little or no contact.

The other question is: "Does a 4 rating mean I will c*m?" Short answer: No. Long answer: Since everyone is different, my nasty factor rating does NOT indicate "completion". That's because one person may be able to do that with a dancer grinding 1/3 of the song while another person may require hand manipulation. Basically, the nasty factor rating only indicates the amount and length of contact possible with "most" of the dancers. Of course, as always YMWV since one dancer at one club may do much more or vice versa (may not do anything). The rating gives you an idea of what the club tolerates from the dancers.

Lastly, I'm often asked: "Does a 4 rating mean the dancer will go home with me?" Answer: No.

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Why don't you have a list of the nastiest clubs?

Originally, I was not able to have a database driven website that could sort the current nasty factor ratings and generate a list for the reader, and therefore, I didn't have such a list. Now that I could do it, there's no reason other than laziness. I decided that not everyone is interested in such a list and the amount of work involved for me was not worth the trouble. Also, that would be a simple hit list for LAPD vice. Why ask for a bust?

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Why is my favorite club not on Z Bone's Top 5 list?

This is a FAQ. My top 5 list consists of my current favorite clubs. This list is not the list of the top 5 nastiest clubs. Each club listed also has a short description of why it was chosen to be there. This reason may not have anything to do with nasty dances. Please read carefully.

So please don't e-mail me telling me that such and such a club is nastier and should be on my top 5 list. If you have a fave club, feel free to tell me about it but that will probably have no bearing on which clubs I happen to like.

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Why is my favorite club not reviewed on Z Bone?

Unfortunately, I don't have time to review all clubs that I am aware of. Some clubs that I have been to long ago are not reviewed because I don't think it's fair for me to review a club based on what I saw many years ago. Other clubs are ones that I know I would not rate very highly and probably would be better off if I didn't review them.

However, I realize that there are some clubs (especially topless ones) that are good ones that I have not reviewed yet. I hope to get to them soon. You have to have something to look forward to in life. So many clubs, so little time.

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How does my favorite dancer get to be Dancer of the Month?

For starters, you can nominate her via email and send me her picture. If that doesn't get my attention, get her to email me if she is online. That will usually do the trick.

The general criteria that I look for are:

  1. Want to be dancer of the month on an Internet website.
  2. Has Internet access with email.
  3. Can provide at least 2 quality pictures (one headshot, one body shot)
  4. Looks good and has a nice personality.

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Your Dancer of the Month is not the best looking girl at the club. What gives?

Yes, the Dancer of the Month is sometimes not the best looking dancer at the club. It's actually very difficult to find a dancer that wants to be Dancer of the Month. She's the one that wants or doesn't mind the publicity and would benefit from the publicity. There are also other factors including , but not limited to, allowing pictures to be made public on the Internet, being computer literate and able to chat online, having a website, and of course, giving great free lap dances to the webmaster.

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Why don't you review hostess clubs, massage parlors or escort services?

As the name of my website says, this site is for strip clubs. I don't consider hostess clubs, massage parlors or escort services to be strip clubs.

However, TenFree has his own Hostess Club section for your reading pleasure at hostessclub.info.

TenFree reports that Club Signature is now open as of July 1999 and is located at 1235 N. Vine in Hollywood. Their number is (323) 962-8825 and open at 8:00pm.

If you're interested in upscale Japanese hostess clubs, you might try Club Cha Cha in Torrance at (310) 370-9996.

As for escort services, TenFree says to try these websites:
and Thumper says to try:

For a more world wide travel sex guide, and review site, try:
usasexguide.info (free)
dexterhorn.com (pay)

For massage parlors, try:

If you are interested in private fantasy rooms with a naked woman, you might be interested in Eros Station.

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Why are there no specifics about what dancers do there?

There are no detailed descriptions of what a particular dancer does at a particular club on this web site. This is because some activities are not legal and the dancer and/or the club can be busted for these activities. I offer some vague references and you will have to figure it out for yourselves.

Moreover, please do not e-mail me asking for private information on dancers. Unfortunately, there have been cases of stalking and even physical harm to dancers from "fans". Therefore, no private information will be given out and dancers should always be very careful.

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Where are the nude pictures?

Sorry, but there are no nude pictures or vulgar language on this web site. Look elsewhere, please. Just lots of information and reviews regarding strip clubs and dancers. If what you want is pictures of nude strippers, come to the Darkside.

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