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The entertainment industry has always used the titillation of strippers in movies to get bigger box office receipts. Some movies pretend to be more than just titillation, while others are more blunt about what they are doing.

This section of movie reviews is not to review the entire movie, but to review the movie as it pertains to strip clubs, dancers and the industry. Emphasis will be placed on scenes dealing with stripping and strip clubs. The ratings or opinions given will be based on how well the movie deals with these subject matters in a realistic and/or entertaining way.

If you have any favorite movies you want listed here, just send me an email. Please be specific about scenes and titles of movies so that I can more easily know what you are talking about.

12/25/2001 Made
Starring Jon Favreau, Vince Vaughn [DVD version]

A never-been second rate boxer is a driver for his bachelor party stripper girlfriend. When's he's asked by his boss to travel to New York for a "job", he takes his goof-ball friend with him, which leads to some mishaps.
10/9/2001 Dancing at the Blue Iguana
Starring Charlotte Ayanna, Daryl Hannah [Theatrical version]

An unglamorous peek into the lives of five dancers who work at one Valley strip club. We see the lives of these dancers in and out of the strip club in which they work, along with some of their co-workers and customers.
7/1/2001 Independence Day
Starring Will Smith and Vivica A. Fox. [DVD version]

Let's face it. ID4 is not a great movie. However, although the actual strip club scene is very short and uneventful, the Vivica Fox stripper character is portrayed in a very unusually positive image by Hollywood standards.
10/10/2000 People Vs. Larry Flynt
Starring Woody Harrelson, and Courtney Love. [DVD version]

The movie itself is watchable, but unless you're a big fan of Love and want to see her dancing on stage, the strip club scenes are a bust.
6/6/2000 Go
Starring Katie Holmes, and Sarah Polley. [DVD version]

Although the strip club scene is only a small part of the movie, it's hot and mostly realistic. If you like Nikki Fritz, you'll probably enjoy it.
5/8/2000 Striptease
Starring Demi Moore, Burt Reynolds, Armand Assante, Ving Rhames and Robert Patrick. [Unrated International DVD version]

Since this movies is about a stripper, naturally, there are tons of stripping scenes with Demi Moore and other characters. This one is hard to beat in terms of pure time spent in and around strip clubs.