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CDsThis section will highlight some of Z Bone's favorite dancer songs. Keep in mind that these songs are picked specifically for dancers to strip to. An integral part of dancing is the music that can enhance the experience. Some songs can evoke a certain sexy mood, while others can simply create an upbeat feeling for everyone. The right music for the dancer can make the experience more pleasurable for the customer and thus make more money for the dancer.

Pussy, Pussy, and More Pussy

Where else would you find a list of pussy songs but right here. Most of these songs are upbeat and good for topless clubs with the party atmosphere but some could be used for the first song at nude clubs as well.

Click here to see track listNo list of pussy songs can even start without the pussy CD of all pussy CDs. 2 Live Crew didn't get "banned" in Florida for nothin'.

This "Greatest Hits" CD starts with the classic, We Want Some Pussy, and continues with Pop That Pussy and The Pussy Caper. As an added bonus, you also get Me So Horny as well as many other great explicit songs. How many more pussy songs do you want on one CD?

Yeah, these songs are a little burned out, but it's still a good crowd pleaser at the right time. If these songs don't wake up the crowd, there is no reason to even trying any further because they're probably dead.

ConsolidatedNext up, in the pussy lineup, is a much lessor known song named You Suck that you may never have heard, by an unknown group called Consolidated.

The first time I heard this song was in a strip club and I didn't know what to make of it. Actually, other than this one song, the rest of the CD contains somewhat political songs with male vocals, like Animal Rights / Abortion Rights and Guerillas In The Mist.

However, this song by "The Yeasty Girls" is the raunchiest, and one of the most explicit lyrics you're ever going to hear. If I remember correctly, the word "pussy" is not used, but the "C" word is, as well as an assortment of other explicit words. The song has a simple and heavy rap beat and the girl tells you that it's the man's turn to "suck", and suck it good he must, whether he likes it or not, even if she's on her period. This song will definitely offend men and women equally.

While we're on the topic of offensive tracks, there's a dialog clip from the soundtrack From Dusk Till Dawn featuring Cheech Marin (track 10) where he plays a barker telling people to come to the strip club by describing the different types of pussy that are available. This isn't a song but worth a quick mention here for the repeated use of the word pussy.

How about some techno dance music about pussy? You only have to look at the cover of this Lords of Acid single to know it's time to pet the kitty. Helloooo Kitty. In case you're not familiar with them, they brought you songs like Rough Sex and I Sit on Acid from their Lust CD.

This single has 7 versions of Pussy, including the original version from the full CD, Our Little Secret, which lists the song as Pussy Round.

The song is almost a parody and doesn't seem to take themselves too seriously. It contains explicit lyrics about what one would assume is lesbian sex, or bestiality, if taken literally. In any event, it's good for a laugh, if not a good song for that pussy set.

PrinceLast, but not least, how can we talk about pussy songs without talking about Pussy Control by O(+>. Yes, TAFKA Prince, that weird symbol guy that brought you Darling Nikki, If I Were Your Girlfriend and many other great stripper songs, comes this song from his Gold Experience CD. It's an excellent pussy song with a great beat, and typical O(+> lyrics, that will wake up any sleepy crowd.

However, don't go rushing to for this CD because you won't find it there, or at your local CD store. I don't know what the real story is but apparently, Prince, I mean, O(+>, is having some sort of disagreement with Warner Brothers and until this is resolved, this CD is not available to the public. You can find it at used stores and that's probably the only way to find it for now.


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