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There are many questions in the world of strip clubs but I seem to get the same ones a lot. I have collected questions regarding strip clubs, clubbing, dancers, and even this website, and put them into this FAQ page.  There's no way that I can cover everything here but it's a good way for you to get started in getting to know more about this industry and subject matter.

Please check here and read carefully before you send me e-mail asking about something already answered.

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FAQs About Clubs

  1. How old do I have to be?
  2. What is the average cover charge?
  3. Are there drink minimums? New
  4. Where should I sit?
  5. How much money should I bring?
  6. How long should I stay?
  7. What club should I go to near LAX?
  8. What good clubs are near John Wayne Airport?
  9. What good clubs are near the Ontario Airport?
  10. What good clubs are near the Oxnard Airport?
  11. What good clubs are near the Santa Monica Airport?
  12. What good clubs are near the Burbank Airport?
  13. What good clubs are near Disneyland?
  14. What clubs are near the downtown Los Angeles Convention Center and Staples Center?
  15. Are there any clubs in the San Bernardino area?
  16. Any good clubs worth seeing in Tijuana, Mexico?
  17. Are there any clubs in Palm Springs?
  18. Is this club in a safe area? New
  19. What clubs are open late?
  20. What time of day should I go?
  21. What newspapers have coupons for strip clubs?
  22. Which clubs have nude dancers and serve alcohol?
  23. Do clubs have dress codes?
  24. What clubs have no cover for my female date?
  25. Which clubs are nice enough to take my wife or girlfriend to?
  26. Which strip clubs have good food? New
  27. Where can I go to watch the Super Bowl [or insert your favorite sports here]? New
  28. Which clubs are couple friendly?
  29. Where can I get lap dances for my wife or girlfriend?
  30. Are there any clubs with no smoking?
  31. Are there clubs that still allow smoking?
  32. Are there any clubs that allow cigar smoking?
  33. Are there any other Adult Entertainment in LA?
  34. Is there a club where porno stars hangout?
  35. Are there any peep shows in LA?
  36. Are there clubs that have live sex shows?
  37. Are there clubs that allow picture taking?
  38. What are these 2 for 1 lap specials?
  39. Where should we go for a bachelor or birthday party?
  40. Where can I see mud or oil wrestling?
  41. Any info on private clubs or private shows?
  42. How can I become a DJ at a club?
  43. How do I get a job as a manager, bouncer or security?
  44. What is legal at these clubs?
  45. What are some do's and don'ts in the club? New
  46. Can I have sex in the Champagne room? New
  47. I have heard of busts at clubs. Should I be worried?
  48. Should I be worried about being mugged at a strip club?
  49. How do I open my own club?
  50. What are the upsides and downsides to opening a strip club?
  51. Where should I open a club?
  52. Are there any publicly traded strip club stocks?
  53. I think I'm addicted to strip clubs.  Should I be worried?

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FAQs About Dancers

  1. Where can I get more info on features?
  2. How can I meet a feature?
  3. How do we book features for our club?
  4. How do we book features for a private show?
  5. What style of bikini bottoms are allowed?
  6. Where can I find Asian dancers?
  7. Where can I find African-American dancers?
  8. Where can I find hot Latin dancers?
  9. How do I find out if a specific dancer is working? New
  10. How much should I tip the dancers?
  11. OK, but when do I tip her?
  12. What is a tipout?
  13. How much do dancers make?
  14. What is a "regular" customer?
  15. How often would I have to visit to be a regular?
  16. How do I become a dancer's "customer"?
  17. How do I stop being a dancer's regular?
  18. How do I get rid of a dancer permanently?
  19. How do I make those origami folded money?
  20. What's the etiquette when a girl wants to sit with you?
  21. How much do I tip after just talking to a dancer? New
  22. What's the polite way of asking how much dances are?
  23. How much are lap dances?
  24. How long are the lap dance songs? New
  25. Can I get a discount for more than one song?
  26. How do I find a good lap dancer?
  27. Who can I ask about high mileage lappers?
  28. What are some high mileage indicators?
  29. What should I wear for lap dances?
  30. Am I allowed to c*m during a lap dance?
  31. Can a dancer have an orgasm during a lap dance?
  32. What does a dancer mean when she says, "You can get comfortable"?
  33. How do I pick the dancer I want and discourage others?
  34. How do you say "No" to a dancer asking for laps?
  35. How can I find a dancer I used to know?
  36. Why do dancers use stage names?
  37. Are dancers self-destructive because of their traumatic past experiences or is it because of the strip club environment?
  38. What do dancers do when their dancing days are over?
  39. Do dancers "cheat"?
  40. Out of 10 dancers, how many are sluts?
  41. Are many dancer bisexual or bi-curious?
  42. Can I get a STD from lap dancing?
  43. Do dancers go out with customers?
  44. What kind of guys are dancers looking for?
  45. Can I get a dancer's phone number? New
  46. Are some dancers prostitutes?
  47. What are privates? New
  48. How can I ask a dancer if she'll do privates?
  49. How can I get a dancer for a private bachelor party?
  50. Should I get an escort for my private bachelor party?
  51. What's the going rate for a private party?

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FAQs From Women and Dancers

  1. When are the dance contest nights?
  2. I'm not a dancer. Which contest should I enter?
  3. Are there any clubs with male dancers for us gals?
  4. Is it ok for a group of ladies to go to strip clubs? Will we be harassed? New
  5. Are there any clubs for lesbian gals to see female dancers?
  6. Which club should I work at?
  7. How can I find out which clubs are hiring?
  8. What is the procedure in getting hired? New
  9. Do you have any advice for getting hired? New
  10. I have heard of busts at clubs. Should I be worried?
  11. How do I become a dancer?
  12. Do I need a license to be a dancer?
  13. Are there unions for dancers?
  14. How do I put a picture on Z Gallery?
  15. How can I be Dancer of the Month?

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FAQs About Z Bone and Web Site

  1. How do I get your VIP card?
  2. Is it OK to link to your site from mine?
  3. Where can I get banners for zbone.com?
  4. What is your mailing address and phone number?
  5. How do I know what is updated?
  6. How do I find what I'm looking for?
  7. How old is your website?
  8. Why don't you update your stupid website more often?
  9. Why are some of your reviews so old?
  10. Why is your site so slow?
  11. What happened to your mirror site?
  12. How do I use your Bulletin Board?
  13. How do I use the Reader Review Board?
  14. How do I use your Pop Poll?
  15. How do I use your Z Chat room?
  16. Where are the pictures of dancers?
  17. How do I put a picture on Z Gallery?
  18. Why do the pictures look fuzzy or dark?
  19. Why are there blank rectangular areas? New
  20. What does Z Bone mean?
  21. What do you look like?
  22. I met you at a club. Aren't you were supposed to be anonymous?
  23. What do you do for a living?
  24. How did you get started with your website?
  25. How often do you go to clubs?
  26. Why don't you open your own club?
  27. Are there any job openings at Z Bone?
  28. How do I join the Z posse?
  29. What does "&nbsp" mean on your web site?
  30. What is "YMMV" and "YMWV"?
  31. Do you have a glossary?
  32. Do you have strip club coupons on your site?
  33. Do you sell t-shirts or any other items?
  34. How do I email you?
  35. Why don't you reply to anon e-mail addresses?
  36. Why didn't you reply to my email?
  37. Do you have a newsletter list?
  38. How do I get off your newsletter list?
  39. What is your rating system for dancers?
  40. What exactly do you mean by "nasty" dances?
  41. Why don't you have a list of the nastiest clubs?
  42. Why is my favorite club not on Z Bone's Top 5 list?
  43. Why is my favorite club not reviewed on Z Bone?
  44. How does my favorite dancer get to be Dancer of the Month?
  45. Your Dancer of the Month is not the best looking girl at the club. What gives?
  46. Why don't you review hostess clubs, massage parlors or escort services?
  47. Why are there no specifics about what dancers do there?
  48. Where are the nude pictures, you pathetic loser?

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