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What are some high mileage indicators?
Back in July of 1997, LMR posted the following list of high mileage indicators to ASSC for your reading pleasure.

People are always asking these questions: Where do you find mileage? What do you look for? How do you get those incredible laps? How do you get more incidental contact? How do I find a fun club? Well, there are many forms of mileage: lap mileage, stage mileage, and incidental mileage. There's probably hundreds of other ways to classify mileage. But just remember, mileage doesn't always mean contact. It can be anything additional you're not supposed get at a particular club. Now how do you get it? Is it a sixth sense? Well, maybe there is a special sense you learn over the years, but the following are some simple indicators even the strip club first timer can look for.

Not necessarily a sign of high contact, but it's obvious what is expected when they stick a box of kleenex into a booth. More common in peep-show places, an open booth structure like the Ultra Room at Mitchell Brothers in San Francisco combined with a kleenex box can mean some hefty mileage.

Sure, it's a good sign when you see condom dispensers in a bathroom, and it's even better when they provide the condom for you (Mitchell Brothers in SF, Show n' Tell in Philly), but if you spot used condoms in the trash or urinals, you know some gal is giving some hella good laps out there.

More and more topless/alcohol clubs are requiring gals to wear two g-strings, I suppose so it isn't as easy to see the kitty. Well, when you find a club that doesn't care as much, you can almost be sure there will be some flashing going on with the right incentives.

Usually, when there are private booths, your chances of higher mileage increases greatly. Very much self explanatory, the privacy allows the dancer to do what she can't do in public. Many dancers are willing to go the extra mile as long as other dancers don't know about it. The only usual distractor for private booths are cameras and floaters who wander in to count dances.

This is usually more of an indicator by reference. If after talking to a dancer and she mentions she worked at Market Street Cinema in SF, the Harmony in NY, and Mons Venus in FL, she's either one hell of a lapper or she's read this article. Not always a guarantee, but usually a list of higher mileage clubs show a pattern. However, if she lists all these great clubs and you know you're in an air dance palace, she's probably either lying or couldn't handle the mileage at the other clubs.

Experienced dancers know how to use mirrors to watch for floaters/bouncers. When you go into a lap places with some fairly high contact, look for the dancers who keep looking in the mirror. Sure, some may be looking at themselves, but many good dancers are actively hunting for bouncers.

Wandering hands by either the dancer or by the customer is a good sign. If you see missing hands from the dancer, this could either indicate stick shifting or something similar. Wandering hands by the customer mean you're in a very lap-friendly city.

Whether it be Stevie Wonders, nibbling on your ears, or climbing out onto he customer for mini-laps, when you see a lot of stage contact going on, this is usually a good indicator of things to come during private lap dances. However, in some states, you're better off with WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) as stage contact may be the only contact in the club (ie Denver).

With many of new ordinances being passed in countless cities, quite a few new clubs now have a 6 foot rule for nude clubs. This means that when the dancer is nude, she has to be at least 6 feet away. In some cities, that even applies when the dancer is topless. The clubs without this rule are more likely to create situations where STAGE CONTACT can occur.

Darkness is your friend. Sure, it'll take a few minutes for your eyes to adjust, but usually the darker the club, the more chances of something nasty happening. There's always something to be said about dark seedy places.

Unless you're in Arizona where the dances are $5, gals who are busy all night usually provide all the indicators you need. Especially if other gals are getting only single dances. It might be a long wait, but the other guys are dancing with those particular gals for a reason.

Hey, is that guy wearing flannel PJ's? Customer clothing is also a good indicator. If you see a lot of loose shorts, sweats, or similarly easy access clothing, you could have found a good spot. Regular lappers know where to go, and when you find a club where there's a lot of them, you've most likely found some good mileage.

Alcohol lowers inhibitions, and in the controlled setting of a club, dancers allowed to drink can indicate a great time to come. In clubs where there aren't laps, drinking gals usually provide a lot more incidental contact. In clubs where there are laps, well, you get the picture. Have fun, and if you drink along with them, call a cab.


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