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Gossip and Rumors For 2007


Hey! Heard any juicy LA strip club related gossip? Saw a celebrity at a club? Clubs for sale? Manager fired and sued? E-mail me ASAP before it's not hot anymore. Stop watching those soap operas and talk shows and get your water cooler talk right here.

I will attempt to seek a second source on all rumors but if none can be found and the info seems legit, it will appear here anyway. Normally, I will not give out my sources for gossip. However, if you want to be in the spotlight, say so in your email and all dirty credit will be gladly given.

But remember why it's called gossip and rumors, and not news and facts.

Also remember to check the GOSSIP topic of my bulletin board for more timely (like the same day) stuff.

Skin Opens Despite Protesters

December 11, 2007

Skin Gentlemen's Lounge has opened their doors despite protesters and even a website dedicated to closing them down.

According to google maps, this club is located in Los Angeles, but news reports on TV and other media has stated that they are in Culver City.  One protester was on TV lamenting that this club will be the first thing that visitors to Culver City will see.

The club has not had their official grand opening yet but they are open for business and surprisingly, there do have some good looking dancers there already.  Actually, for a new club, it's surprising to have any dancers at all.

According to sources, this club is aspiring to be a real upscale type club and attempting to attract the best looking dancers.  If they actually succeed according to their plan, this may become "the" club to beat.

Only time will tell if they will succeed or fail with their plan on being an upscale club full of lookers.  We'll keep you posted.


Shenanigans Closes

December 1, 2007

Shenanigans has closed it's doors as of September 2007 or so.  There's some rumors that they tried to sell to new owners but the deal fell through.  Other sources say the club is still for sale for $650k but nobody seems interested at this time.

They weren't open long enough to establish good will so I don't think the club is worth anything now that all the dancers have left.  In the club business, the dancers are your "inventory," so once they leave, you have nothing but a box.


Crazy Girls Re-Opens

September 7, 2007

Crazy Girls has re-opened after a long delay.  The club is still owned by the same owner but has been remodeled and now offers bottle service at the VIP tables.


It's Spicy Again

July 5, 2007

In an almost dizzying volley like court maneuvering, Spicy Gentlemen's Club has won their appeal and will be allowed to stay open while they continue to fight the city.  So instead of having to close down, they are open for business.


Not So Spicy

July 3, 2007

In more shut down gossip, because of the persistent city fighting to close down Spicy Gentlemen's Club, they will be closing their doors on July 4, 2007. Roger Diamond represents this club and will be fighting to either re-open the club at it's current location. The city is insisting that the club has other locations where the club could open, which Diamond disputes.


Little Tokyo Shuts Down

July 2, 2007

As of July 1, 2007, Little Tokyo Showgirls have closed their doors and will continue to fight the city to obtain a liquor license from the state and open as Penthouse Gentlemen's Club.

One of the requirements for the Penthouse franchise is to have a liquor license.


Hollywood East Sold

June 15, 2007

Hollywood East in La Puente has been purchased by Taboo and will be remodeling while still open. Look for their grand opening in late July under the new name Bliss Showgirls.


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