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Z Bone's Media Bites For 1996
When the traditional media wants to jack-up their ratings, where can they go for some good titillation? They go straight to the strip clubs! What LA strip club or dancer is showing up on TV or in print? Find out right here. Who knows, you just might find some interesting news here too.

Lusty Lady (SF) Dancers Unionize
August 29, 1996

Posted on ASSC by L. Brusco

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuter) - Nude dancers at a San Francisco club voted Thursday on whether to become the only "exotic dancers'' in the nation to belong to a union. Ninety-seven employees of the "Lusty Lady'' club in San Francisco's North Beach district were eligible to take part in the National Labor Relations Board election on union representation, union officials said.

If a majority votes to join Local 790 of the Service Employees International Union in a secret ballot being held Thursday and Friday, the club's nude dancers would be the only ones in the United States to belong to a union. Strippers at a San Diego club set up an open union shop several years ago, but it is no longer unionized, union officials said.

"The workers approached us. We had discussions with them. They formed their own committee. We supported them by filing a petition with the labor board,'' Jim Philliou, organizing director with Local 790, told Reuters. He said club management opposed the union drive. Managers could not be reached for comment Thursday. Results of the ballot were expected to be announced Friday night.

Customers enter booths at the club and pay to watch the scantily-clad dancers cavort on a stage. If the dancers vote for the union, Local 790 would open contract negotiations with the "Lusty Lady'''s management, discussing issues such as job security, working conditions, sick leave and health insurance.

"We're workers. Our work is to be a sex object but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't be guaranteed certain basic protections and rights ...,'' a dancer at the club, identified only as Jane, told San Francisco's KCBS radio.

The dancers said the club is one of the better-run strip joints. The push for union representation gathered pace when some of the women became upset that some booths had one-way windows which they said allowed customers to videotape them dancing.

August 30, 1996

Posted on ASSC by Tim Evanson

The nude dancers at San Francisco's Lusty Lady Theater voted to unionize on August 30 in a 57-15 vote. The dancers are now part of SEIU Local 790 (the nation's largest and fastest-growing union). The local will cover dancers, bouncers, and support staff. Dancers had complained repeatedly to management about cutomers videotaping them from behind one-way mirrors and that their images were showing up on the Internet and in videos.

Lap Dancing Spreads AIDS in Toronto
July 29, 1996

Beej was nice enough to send me this UPI article by Diane Slawych for our enjoyment.

TORONTO, July 29 (UPI) -- Lap dancing, a risque form of burlesque, is alive and well in strip clubs all over the Greater Toronto area despite a bylaw banning it, a former strip dancer now fighting the practice said Monday.

Katharine Goldberg of the Association for Burlesque Entertainers told members of the Human Services Committee of the Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto that the bylaw needed to be enforced for health and safety reasons. She said lap dancing is still performed in strip clubs in Metro Toronto, despite the ban imposed last year all across Ontario, and girls coerced by club owners to lap dance run the risk of contracting AIDS, hepatitis and other diseases.

Last week the Toronto Star newspaper, which described lap dancing as a form of burleque in which sexual touching occurred, said a team of its investigative reporters found lap dancing was alive and well in seven strip clubs they visited.

Goldberg called for an amendment to the bylaw to prohibit the use of  booths and small rooms in the clubs where, she says, sex acts and even rape of lap dancers took place.

Earlier, the committee voted to get rid of the booths, but a bylaw amendment was never passed in part because of problems of defining a booth. Goldberg, whose association claims to represent 200 dancers, said strip club dancers were afraid to complain for fear of reprisals or losing their jobs. She says club owners ignored the law and that one club owner flaunted the law by advertizing ``taboo dancing.''

Quoting a spokeswoman for the Toronto Rape Crisis Center, Goldberg said, ``if this were happening in any other workplace, or any other business serving the public, they would have been shut down long ago.'' Goldberg presented the committee with a long list of public health officials who have confirmed the health risks of lap dancing. Carol Ridder-Foster, general manager of the Metro Toronto Licensing Commission, admitted at the meeting that lap dancing was still taking place but ``not in any significant number,'' she said.

She said 50 charges were laid since the bylaw on burlesque entertainment was amended to prohibit lap dancing, but she could not say how many of those were laid against club owners. Ruddell-Foster said there were three or four obvious offenders and the authorities have issued two closure orders. She could not foresee a stronger enforcement of the bylaw since licensing staff were already spending a disproportionate amount of time monitoring strip clubs, she said. However, the licensing commission chief said she would support the request for the elimination of private booths by recommending open areas with unobstructed views and better lighting.


Newport Beach Tries to Drown Mermaid's
May 19, 1996

Posted on ASSC by ENGNR1

I left his inline comments because it's so funny I was LOL and added my own.

ENGNR1 comments:
From the May 17-23 edition of the OC Weekly (an alternative paper not serving normal Orange County Republican, business or John Birch society interests), we have an interesting article on page 11 about Newport Beach's cops and their forays into Mermaid's, the only strip club in the City. Sounds like a junior version of Detroit / St. Louis / (fill the name of the politically-uptight City in here). Below are excerpts from Nick Schou's article (reprinted and edited without permission):
The Newport Beach P.D. goes in search of strippers by Nick Schou

Just days after the Mermaid (sic) opened for business in early February, Newport Beach's one and only adult nightclub - which charges $20 for admission and $40 for private "lap dances" - had a surprise guest: an undercover Newport Beach Police vice investigator. The undercover dick spent that night - Feb. 9 - and at least seven others throughout the next few months documenting alleged violations of the city's municipal code by the Mermaid's female dancers. His notes, which form the basis of the City's effort to revoke the nightclub's permit, read like the most lurid passages culled from Richard F. Burton's translation of the Kama Sutra.

Because the Newport Beach Police Dept has refused to comment on its investigation of the Mermaid, we can only imagine our anonymous note taker hard at work - sitting in a dark corner, sucking his soda water through a straw with both hands concealed beneath his table. [Another "How to spot a pathetic loser" item for you dancers out there - ENGNR1] He's not doing anything devious, mind you; he's simply jotting down the lustful proceedings before him. [Hey! That's what I do for my reviews! - Z Bone] Later, with all the dedication of an Iranian Revolutionary guardsman enforcing orthodox Muslim prohibitions, our observant chronicler must have addd the specific munipal code sections each deleted.

Try this from our hero's March 2 entry: "At approximately 5:45 pm, nude entertainers were observed coming into physical contact with patrons' tables [hope they beveled the edges of the tables properly - ENGNR1][that's a real table dance - Z Bone]....an entertainer using the stage name Ava was observed removing her top and permitting a customer to "suckle on her breast... She was again observed with another customer pressing her breast against the sides of the customer's head in violation of [municipal code] sections 5.28.041A, B, D and L..." [Those acts] should have been more than enough for the City to revoke the Mermaid's license and to send our noble detective scurrying to his superiors for swift justice. Instead he returned for more, visiting the club 20 days later [and reporting the following]:

"An entertainer going by the name of Lydia was observed sitting in a male customer's lap, rubbing her breasts in his face, standing on his legs, thrusting her public area within two or three inches of his face, and rubbing his crotch with her hand in violation of...[assorted mun. codes]"

How our anonymous dick could place Lydia's pubic area within two or three inches of the patron's face is a mystery. Perhaps years of surveillance had blessed him with a gift for long-distance calculations. Or perhaps our man was sitting right in the front row where no code violation, however furtive, could pass unnoticed. [ Doubtful, dude. This was a lap dance. - ENGNR1] Could it be he observed the pelvis in question from a vantage point two to three inches away? Imagine the courage!

[Here is a quote from a 4/3 visit] scribbled out with all the cold detachment of a Victorian anthropologist documenting the sex rituals of Polynesian islanders: "An entertainer going by the name Tahlia was observed to be engaged in a nude dance while dangling her hair in a customer's face while holding her breasts within 12 inches of the customer's face in violation of...." [GASP!! 12 INCHES!! Throw the book at her!!! - ENGNR1]

That last bit must have been too much for even our iron-hearted voyeur; there were no further journal entries. [edited discussion of entries being preserved for City use]

On June 10, the Newport Beach City Council will meet to decide the Mermaid's fate, which could force the city's last remaining girlie club to pack its bags for friendlier, less Puritan shores - Santa Ana or Garden Grove, perhaps. Until then, be warned: those totally nude female entertainers might look harmless, but they're cold-blooded vixens with no respect for Newport Beach's hallowed municipal code.

As another daring adventurer once wrote of terrors beyond imagination: "The horror, the horror......"
EGNR1 comments - personally, the only reason to close the Mermaid I have is the cover charge and cost of laps. I wish the authorities would stick to "Silk Stalkings"-style mysteries and cocktail parties gone amuck (like someone cranking the Michael Bolton and Yanni tunes too high for the neighbors).

As for the article - it doesn't sound as if the writer himself goes to strip clubs himself (note that he thought you could tell exactly what was going on during a lap dance from the "front row"). And exactly what were those dreaded municipal codes???? Some legalese might be interesting; exactly when and why was the language written and who wrote it?? ( I would imagine Newport Beach predates lap dancing by at least 70-80 years.) Remember this is the place where expensive houses were built in the flight path of John Wayne Airport and THEN the City succeeded in getting the airport to close at 11 pm every night and make the planes cut the engine's after takeoff during the day. No wonder why it's such a pain in the butt to fly to Tampa from here!!


(Still willing to fly 3000 miles for a lap dance but will walk three miles instead if he can)

Mermaid & Ecstasy Hit With Lawsuit
March 22, 1996

From Reporter Captain See
According to an article in the L.A. Times Orange County edition today, a guy (customer) filed a lawsuit against the Vietnamese owners of Ecstasy and Mermaid charging them with false advertising.

They advertise "No cover charge" at Mermaids in Newport Beach. But you have to pay $20 at the door which is presumably a "two drink minimum." The place should close within the year.

I wouldn't be too sure about that. This is the same trick many clubs pull (Tropicana for one). The club has been thru a lot to open and the owner is probably not going to give up easily. Ecstasy has also been thru a lot (including losing it's liquor license) and it's still open and thriving. We'll just have to wait and see.


Juice Bar Mania in the City of Industry
February 27, 1996

KCAL-TV Channel 9 in Los Angeles did another light handed story about strip clubs in the City of Industry. From reading this web site, you might be aware that there are now quite a few nude clubs in that area and more coming. Reporter Wayne Garcia stood in front of Sahara 3 to tell us that the residents of Hacienda Heights (across the street from the clubs) did not like these clubs popping up in "their" 'hood.

The picketers major complaint was that these clubs were given permits by the city without a hearing. They wanted to have the opportunity to go to a hearing to try to slam it down before it could start up. State Senator Hilda Solas would like to change the laws so that residents within 2000 feet would have to be notified regarding a hearing before a permit is given.

Jim Davis (a resident) was interviewed saying: "These clubs lower the valuation of my property." Another resident and picketer Sharon Lower said, "These things are too close to our kids." One of the picketers was shown using a bullhorn to shout at Hawaii Theater that they will be closed down.

The manager of Sahara, Kris Schute (was manager of Exotica) was also interviewed and she told the reporter that there would be less problems there because of the non-alcoholic beverages. She claimed that they have never had any problems with their customers. Moreover, she gave the standard line that this was an industrial area (I guess pun intended), and that they were not close to any churches, or schools.

Can't buy advertising this good. All clubs should try to organize a picket and call the news orginazations. I'm sure Sahara is smiling in the desert.

Las Vegas Judge Rules In Favor of Laps
January 12, 1996
Posted on ASSC by JayJ61952@gnn.com

From the January 12, 1996 edition of the Las Vegas Review-Journal:


By Warren Bates, Review-Journal

Lap dancing, a district judge has determined, is protected by the constitution.

Judge Myron Leavitt granted an injuction Wednesday preventing Clark County from enforcing regulations on how much contact is permissible between topless dancers and patrons of adult nightclubs.

Leavitt said it appeared the county was trying to shut down the industry through new amendements to regulations on such business. He said the notice and agenda of the meeting also did not comply with Nevada's open meeting law.

The county had been sued by Club Paradise and two of its dancers, claiming their constitutional rights were being violated because of ordinance amendments that restricted touching or mingling with patrons.

The new rules also prevented the placing of tips in a entertainer's G-string and specifically prohibited lap dancing or couch dancing.

"The purpose was to severely limit, if not completely ban, topless dancing," the judge wrote in a 21-page rulinbg. "The lack of any real notice is obvious since no one appeared to speak agains the amendments despite the drastic effect upon the establishments involved."

County comminissioners found exotic dance establishments, if unregulated, led to increases in prostitution, drug offenses, and other crimes.

Undercover police officers and licensing agents earlier this year reported that topless dancers were rubbing their breasts in the faces of patrons at Club Paradise. But the commission, acting as the Liquor and Gaming Licensing Board, granted Club Paradise a liquor license because insufficent evidence was presented regarding the activities.

Leavitt ruled that topless dancing is protected as expressive conduct under the First Amendent and the county failed to proved a government interest existed the outweigh the club's interests.

The judge said the rules regarding tipping were "aimed at eliminating the occupation, not merely regulating it." Any attempt to prevent "touching," he said, was "unconstitutionally vague."

He also said restrictions concerning lap dancing and couch dancing have not been proven to be related to a government interest and are therefore unconstitutional.


Pasadena Petitions Pretty Pets

Update December 26, 1995
According to Channel 9 News in Los Angeles, the city of Pasadena appealed their case and won. The same judge has reversed his earlier ruling and has decided that the city does have a right to limit or restrict this type of business. Red Hot has announced that they will return to bikini dancing again. Damn. I didn't get a chance to check it out while it was topless. Like they say, "I snooze. I lose."

Update November 24, 1995

The news have reported that John Weston has won their fight and Red Hot will go topless making it the only topless club in Pasadena.

October 8, 1995

CBS news (channel 2 in Los Angeles) reported today that the Red Hot Theater Cafe of Pasadena is trying to convert from a bikini bar/restaurant to a topless one. Rev. Steven Green is heading up the protest to stop this type of conduct in Pasadena. 300 people opposing this change showed up at the hearing on this matter.

Pasadena residents were interviewed on camera with reactions from "...economics will determine if it will be successful", all the way to "...not in my city!".

The reporter quoted the bar's attorney, John Weston of Beverly Hills, as saying, "... this is NOT a cheap 25 cent beer, spitting on the floor, sawdust kind of place." They want this bar to be a nice gentlemen's club. I am also aware that John Weston and his law firm also represent the following clubs: Ball, Bare, Century, Deja Vu, Fantasy Island, Jet, Rhino, Seventh Veil, Star Strip, and Star Strip Too. Are these guys busy or what?

The reporter ended her report by saying that this case will be continued on to Federal Court on November 17.


Leggs Fights For Their Life And Makes The Papers
November 28, 1995

One of my dedicated Z Bone readers (Nicknamed Mr. X by me) e-mailed this info to me as follows:

There was an article in the South Bay Daily Breeze on Friday the 24th, I have since disposed of the paper, but meant to type in the details. You have to now rely on my memory, or research your local library.

Leggs is a new club in Wilmington, that says it will open on November 30th. The city council says it will close it down that it is missing 3 permit requirements,

1) a zoning issue, 2) a fire inspection, 3) an entertainment permit.

Leggs claims that they will use an existing entertainment permit, since the building they are converting used to be a Union Hall, and previously had live entertainment. Leggs claims that they have been fire inspected and the fire department gave verbal approval, but wouldn't issue a permit based on the zoning issue. Leggs claims that the zoning is not an issue, that Wilmington has ignored it for all past businesses until them. Claiming liquor stores and what not have not been an issue for the City Council. The article also sited reference to a Supreme Court decision on some Westminister, CA topic that may hold relevance.

Leggs claims it is ready and will open on November 30th regardless. City Officials (or somebody) are organizing a picketed demonstration (organized via flyers on city utility poles), and claims that they will shut it down. Leggs claims as long as demonstrators don't block the enterance, they're allowed and stated they would serve them lemonaide.

MTV Goes Bare
November 19, 1995

JennyCable station MTV re-aired at 4:30pm PST, an episode of the Singled Out dating game program. This program is co-hosted by Jenny Mcarthy (see picture) from Playboy fame. In the second portion of the program, a guy gets matched to one of 50 female contestants. One of the finalists was a dancer from Bare Elegance in Los Angeles named Jennifer. She is an exotic but cute, nubile hot dancer. She was contestant #2 and was asked to do one push-up while calling out each of her ex-boyfriends names. After a half dozen or so, Jenny had to stop her from doing anymore. Is this girl fit or what? The guy said, "Keep her!" and so she was into the last portion of the game.

After a commercial break, Jennifer became "Pushy Galore" and was one of the 3 finalists. At this point in the game, the object is for the females to match the guy's answers and step foward towards the goal line. The final question was ironically, "Which is sexier? Dressed or undressed?" Our Miss Galore's first answer was "Both", then changed it to "Undressed." Unfortunately, our conservative contestant guy's answer was "Dressed!" and with that Jennifer was eliminated.

The other contestant had answered "dressed" and so she gets to go to the Hollywood Athletic Club with the lucky guy. I'm sure Jennifer has been there and done that so no big loss for her. Better luck next time, Jennifer... or should I say Pushy Galore.


Power Lunches Go To Risque Business
October 7, 1995

NBC 4 (was KNBC), channel 4 of Los Angeles reported (for sweep week), that many businessmen are taking clients to "power lunches" at strip clubs. The report first showed Rick's in Houston then The Gentlemen's Club in Glendale. The reporter claimed that there are over 100 clubs in 22 cities. He did not mention where these numbers came from.

The promoter at Gentlemen's Club (Jim) was quoted on the program as saying, "It's the safe sex of the 90s." A few Gentlemen's Club dancers where shown dancing nude and topless (with crucial areas blocked out). Two of those dancers made quick remarks on camera.

The reporter closed the report by saying that most customers did not want to speak on camera. Really?

Jet Strip Dancer Accused of $80K Scam
October 23, 1995

On the CBS news (Channel 2 in LA) today, there was a story of a Jet Strip dancer that has been accused of conspiring with another indicted individual to pretend to be a "hit man" that wanted the dancer to payback her loan.  The tipper (customer) was told by the dancer that if she didn't pay the "hit man" $80K (wow!), he would kill her.

The three of them went to the bank to withdrawal the cash but the teller was "suspicious" for some reason and called the police.  The dancer and "hit man" were then arrested for the scam.  It was later revealed that the dancer had already "borrowed" $60K from the customer under false pretense.

That would have been $140K!  Talk about a big tip!  I hope for $60K, he got a REALLY good lap dance.

The GM of Jet Strip was interviewed by the news and he said, "She told me she felt sorry for him (customer), but he (hit man) made me do it."  Poor baby.

Update December 9, 1995:
According to a post on ASSC, Robin Goebel, has just been sentence to 4 years for the case which was tried in Ventura County. Damn. I wonder if she's allowed to do laps from jail?


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